Go Beyond Apparel With Creative Race Giveaways That Participants Will Love!

  • Mar 13, 2018

Races of all kinds - running, biking, swimming - draw in millions and millions of participants a year. Just as popular as the races are the giveaways. While apparel is always big, I’m going to share some of the hottest race gear for 2018 that participants will be raving about!

Choosing the giveaway for a race is a big decision. With the right choice you can entice more people to sign up, get social media shares and draw more registrants for next year.

Since most races are held to be a fundraiser for an organization or cause, giveaways are also a great way to say thanks for the support. These promos are huge for exposure and branding for:

  1. The race itself, with the goal of increasing registration and also reminding the participant to sign up again in coming years.
  2. Race Sponsors - Their logos can be featured on the promo.

With nearly 17 million runners crossing the finish line every year in the United States alone there’s lots of opportunity to get creative with giveaways that go beyond apparel.

Tech Focused

Smartphone Strap. It’s hard to part with our smartphones these days, even when working out. The PVC cover protects your smartphone and the velcro band means it stays up during even the most rigorous workouts. There’s also a handy little slot for a key or some cash! Check it out here.

Smartphone Wristband. This heavy duty hook-and-loop attachment keeps your phone in place while the mounting unit allows it to swivel to the perfect viewing angle. Check it out here.

Sport Wrap Headphones. Big sound comes from this small device! Made for an active lifestyle, bluetooth technology means you don’t have to worry about a cord connecting to your phone. The plastic wrap band connects to each earbud to make sure it sits comfortably around your neck while staying in place during any activity. Check it out here.


Hydration Belt. Lots of races require intense training leading up to it. Make it easy to stay hydrated no matter the distance or weather with two 6.8oz squeeze bottles. A front zippered pouch is perfect for taking your smartphone along while the reflective trim adds an added safety feature for those night time workouts. Check it out here.

Fitness Belt. Want to bring even more water along? This fitness belt holds up to a 28 oz bottle with a convenient pocket for a smartphone, key and cash. Especially ideal for runners and hikers, this belt doesn’ t bounce or run and is extremely comfortable! Check it out here.

Cooling Towel. Perfect for staying cool even in the hottest weather, this towel is great not only for workouts but also for the beach and even yard work! With full dye-sublimation you can customize the towel as much as you want. Even add in a container and label for a packaging option. Check it out here.

Even more options

LED Light-up Armband. Safety first! Stay visible while running, biking and walking with three different light settings. One push of the button makes it easy to change the setting, from fast blink to slow blink to solid light.

Mesh Runner Cap. Ok, so this one could be considered apparel but I like it so much I couldn’t help but include it! While there’s lots of shirts out there as giveaways it’s not that often you see a hat. These unique hats keep you cool while the reflective trim keeps you safe. The adjustable strap means this is one size fits all! Check it out here.

Have a race coming up? Don’t be afraid to go beyond apparel. Get creative with your giveaway choice participants will love!

Get in touch for even more ideas!

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