QR Codes and The Future of Promotional Products The iOS 11 feature that will impact the future of promotional products

  • Nov 16, 2017

QR codes on promotional products has been an option for a while, but having a QR reader included in the new iOS 11 could be every marketer’s dream when it comes to figuring out ROI. 

The marketing value of QR codes

Quick Response Codes, or QR codes as most of us know them, let people scan a special type of bar code. QR codes can store a lot more data than the regular bar codes you see in the store, like hyperlinks, phone numbers and calendar entries.

Once the code is scanned, the information contained is available to be viewed or clicked. For marketers, this changes everything! 

You can now create super optimized campaigns and landing pages that are easily tracked, changing much of what we know about marketing in both print and promotional products. 

On promo products

Before Apple’s iOS 11 launched, you had to download a specific app to get a QR code reader. Getting someone to scan a QR code is one thing, getting them to download an app first is another. Talk about marketing challenges. 

Now the new operating system comes with it automatically, make it easier than ever before to tap into the enormous number of people who use smartphones - over 198.5 million people in the US alone!

Tracking promotional product return on investment can be hard to say the least. While some promotional products can be used as a call to action, many are geared toward branding and awareness. 

QR codes create a whole new opportunity for promo products to be used as a selling tool. Not only is another chance to provide something of value through the QR code to potential customers, like a special discount or limited-stock item, but also lets you track traffic. 

You can run A/B tests with the QR codes to see where you get a better return.  For example you could test two different products, landing pages or messages to see which one performs the best.

More data = the ability to make better marketing decisions = spending money more wisely. 

Will we start seeing more QR codes on promotional products? It’s on the table now thanks to Apple’s latest update!

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